Monday, January 1, 2018

PW Patch 5.0 For PES 6

PW Patch 5.0 For Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Download Patch Update 5.0
Information :
-new commands added
-updated forms
-new gameplay
-new graphics
-updated persons, minimum number of enmeyds
-new beautiful design of the menu
-new TV-display
-updated sounds in the menu
-new stadiums
-Now you do not need to register server hosts, they are already enclosed in the patch (two servers can be chosen)
-PW PATCH team: Sting, Nekit, dizz
Link Download : Download
Attention ! Version 5.0 is a complete build of the patch . Install in a separate directory. If the computer has a folder named Pro Evolution Soccer 6 or PES 6 – rename it.
♦In the patch included files that add a new bright graphic display of the game, it is better not to use it on weak computers; To activate, copy the SweetFX folder and all other files to the root directory of the patch; note that on some computers (particularly laptops) the mod does not work during the running FRAPS program (to take screenshots during a match without fraps, just press the Print Screen key, the screenshots will be saved automatically to the root directory)
♦if you do not have the default game Pro Evolution Soccer 6 installed, run the required registry file depending on your system’s bit size (Reg Win x32 or Reg Win x64)
♦server hosts are enclosed in the patch, manually editing the file hosts are no longer needed
♦To adjust the game to your screen resolution, open the kload.cfg file in kitserver , look at the bottom of the line # dx.fullscreen.width = 1920, # dx.fullscreen.height = 1080, register your screen resolution and delete the # at the beginning lines.
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