Wednesday, March 14, 2018

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 Update - RELEASED (13/03/2018)

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 Update - RELEASED (13/03/2018)

Updates to keep the patch PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 up to date


✓ Kitserver 6.7 PES6
✓ New files to recognize Faces and Hair HD
✓ New Boots assigned to all players in the patch.
✓ Correct names of teams and selections
✓ Relinkeo of chants and canvases
✓ Updated Year 2018 ML
✓ Normal camera and remote chamber style PES2018
✓ 2018 Market Transfers
✓ New Players Created
✓ New Stats, completely up-to-date with PES Stats Database
✓ Ages of players up to date
✓ Physics improved 100%
✓ Current Alignments
✓ Correction of ML logos and others.
✓ Edition of new textures for a better appearance according to current PES.
✓ Text editing and logos for balloons in editor mode
✓ Added Adidas Telstar 18 ball, corresponding to the 2018 World Cup of Russia
✓ Added Adidas Champions and Europa League balls 2017-2018, leaving updated European season balls
✓ New songs for each team
✓ New songs for each team
✓ New Music
✓ New Megaphones
✓ New Faces and Hair
✓ New Faces and Hair HD
✓ New uniforms edited and released before the launch date.
✓ New Faces and Hair
✓ New markers and loading screen
✓ Correct inflation color for each team (PENDING)
✓ Assignment of licensed uniforms updated to the launch date.
✓ Actual trophies for each league of the patch and all cups of the "cup mode".


~ Bustinhoo
~ luxo_xxx
~ alexjovis
~ Fabian
~ camilomax
~ jaime.riffo
~ P17

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  1. how i can use this pacth ? cause i was finished to download this pacth, maybe you have small tutorial for it ?