Tuesday, May 8, 2018

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 Update (07-May-2018)

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 Update (07-May-2018)

PECH Ultimate Patch 2017-18 ★


√ Royal Cups for all competitions.

√ New graphics in the purest style that only PECH could deliver.
Credits: alex jovis

√ Kits updated and configured in the internal editor + correct colors of the fans.
Credits: P17, Fabián & camilomax

√ New songs with great audio quality + new music pack.
Credits: Fabián & alex jovis

√ Canvases of the teams compiled and relinked by Luxo_xxx

√ Executable updated with the names of the new selections and clubs.
Credits: Bustinhoo

√ Executable version Normal Camera and Remote Camera.
Credits: Luxo_xxx

√ Option File 100% updated, with many improvements over previous patches in Stats, Dorsal, Alignments and more.
Credits: Fabián, camilomax

√ New Markers, Shields and Teamnames totally updated + new screen logos and load.
Credits: alex jovis

√ New compilation of Faceserver 100% updated, with the best version of each player.
Credits: Fabián & camilomax

√ New Balls compiled by Alex Jovis and created by DaveBecce, hayate, PesLogos, among others.

√ New Kits compiled by P17.

√ Stadiums compiled by P17 & Fabián

√ Physics corrected by camilomax & Fabián. Little by little we will complete it until we reach all the players in the patch. At the moment 100% are the two divisions of Chile and some European players.

√ Stats updated to date according to Pes Stats Database in the most important leagues.
Credits: camilomax & Fabián

√ Installers to facilitate the installation of the patch, making everything automatically Easier impossible!
Credits: Luxo_xxx

√ Extra Content, compiled by Luxo_xxx:
- Improved sounds (Pause the game, sound of error, choose some mode, move from option to option, etc)
- Atmosphere
- New skin for players and referees
- New public
Credits: STEGRA, saborio, Lesoj, kingsley813, jasarsoft and ThanhCFC.

PASSWORD: www.proevolutionchile.net

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